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US Congressman Sam Johnson   Col. Sam Johnson  

It is a great source of  pride that Chapter 270  was given permission to name their chapter after Sam Johnson.  Sam Johnson is one of America's great heroes.  He served a total of 29 years in the United States Air Force flying 62 combat missions is Korea and 25 in Vietnam.

In 1953, during the Korean War, 1st Lt. Johnson flew an F-86E with the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing, 51st Fighter Interceptor Group, 16th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.  While flying his "Shirley's Texas Tornado", named after his wife, he is credited with shooting down a North Korean MiG-15 on May 23, 1953.

During his second tour of duty in Vietnam he flew an F-4 Phantom II with the 433rd Fighter Squadron out of a base in Thailand.  It was on Major Johnson's 25th mission in April 1966, that he was shot down and taken prisoner.  Major Johnson remained a prisoner until February 12, 1973.

He continues to serve his country as a U. S. Representative from the state of Texas.   Sam Johnson has now served three consecutive terms.

Sam Johnson was awarded two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star with Valor, the Meritorious Service Medal, four Air Medals, two Purple Hearts and three Outstanding Unit Awards.

You may go to the Col. Sam Johnson link above for a more complete biography.

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To respect and honor our brothers-in-arms who served during the Korean Conflict and/or afterwards in Korea; to further friendship and respect between South Korea and the United States of America; to serve our fellow veterans in need of our aid and assistance; and to provide a means by which the “Forgotten War” will never be forgotten.

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